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Muscat Festival is conducted by Muscat Municipality in Oman during Winter Season.This one month festival is the popular one(4pm to 11pm).It starts from January mid and ends in mid of February month .You can experience the tradition of Omani people in terms of Foods,Outfits,Jewellery,Heritage Village and Entertainment too.This festival is commonly taken place in places Amerath and Naseem Garden.Whole garden is decorated with the lightings which is green,red and white in colour.
You can watch cultural events in entertainment area.Kids will enjoy the play area which has so many games to play.Stalls and restaurents are staple one during this festival.
You can taste the traditional sweets and snacks of Oman for sure.Omani Halwa and Khawa(Coffee)is the staple menu in festival.Omani Halwa is the signature sweet dish of Oman.It takes 3hours for its preparation.It mainly consists of corn flour,water,brown sugar etc.; To enhance the taste cardamom,saffron,dry nuts can be added.They can serve this halwa by garnishing dried nuts(cashews,pistachios and almond flakes) and Tahini(toasted white sesame seeds) which gives it a crunchy texture.
Shopping Experience will be one of the satisfactory zones.You can find traditional omani jewellery designs Metallic,Stone and silver jewellery and outfits too.
Fireworks are the colourful beast for our eyes.It happens around 8.30 at night.

I hope u all enjoy watching this video.

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